Do you have an encyclopaedic knowledge of a certain franchise, a hot take on a popular video game, or are you just really passionate about your fandom, then we have something in common.

We provide a platform for writers to share what they truly love with the world. We love hearing from experienced writers who’ve got a killer story that they’ve never had the chance to share. We’re also open to pitches from new & upcoming writers, looking to get their foot in the entertainment industry.

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At The Insightful Nerd, we pride ourselves on quality. We love reading and writing detailed analyses of the franchises that have made us a nerdy community.

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Sadly, as a small business, we cannot currently offer financial remuneration for posts… yet. But our goal is to grow and we want to be able to provide this for our writers. So why not grow with us?


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Send an email to archie@theinsightfulnerd.com with ‘ARTICLE PITCH’ (yes, in all caps) and the Article Title in the subject line. I.e. ‘ARTICLE PITCH – Is Couch Co-Op Dead?’

Please send pitches first before sending completed articles as these are more likely to be read and responded to.

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